Fun Run

We have tried to cover off most of the common asked questions within the information below. If you have any specific questions please get in touch and we will do our best to respond.

Fun Run

  • DATE: Monday 6 May 2019
  • START TIME:  10:10AM
  • COST: £9 for all

Fun Run Route 

The Esher Fun Run is a beautiful 3.4km family fun race that is perfect for all abilities and all ages, so whether you are 8 or 80, run for fitness, run for charity, or run for fun, this is the race for you.

Fun Run imagePNG

The race starts within the grounds of Esher Church School.                                                    Address: Esher Church School, Milbourne Lane, Esher, Surrey KT10 9DU

Once out of the school gates, the runners turn left for a short run down Milbourne Lane towards ‘The Swan Inn’.

The runners then take a right turn onto Arbrook Lane and continue down to Arbrook Common.

At the entrance to the woods, the runners turn right and do an anti-clockwise circuit on the outer path of the woods before returning to the main entrance to the woods and back up Arbrook Lane.

The race finishes on Arbrook Green.


Bags: We encourage you to bring a friend or loved one with you to cheer you on and we’d recommend they also look after your things whilst you run.  Alternatively if you would like that extra challenge you are more than welcome to run with your bag!

We discourage bringing valuables to the race but obviously there will be refreshments at the end of the race so maybe slip a note in where is most comfortable so you don’t miss out on that end of race treat!

Toilets: Toilets are situated at the start and end of the race course. Please respect the local area and do not use the side streets!

Water: The water station is situated half way around the route on the edge of Arbrook Common. There will also be refreshments at the finish line.

When taking a drink please be aware of those behind you, and to prevent any collisions please gradually move over to the side. Please dispose of your water container in the bins provided. If not possible please throw it to the sides of the path rather than just dropping it so people don’t slip on it. Please do not drop any unnecessary litter.

Getting there

Car: If you have to drive, please car share where possible and research a couple of different parking locations before setting off. Please ensure that you leave plenty of time for your journey. If you are arriving by taxi or being dropped off, please find a suitable and safe place to stop off of the main roads so that you don’t hold up the local traffic.

Please consider using public transport where possible.

Bus: The K3 bus route travels Milbourne Lane. Please check the bank holiday timetable and plan your journey in advance.

Train: The nearest train station is Claygate. Please check the bank holiday timetable and plan your journey in advance.

Medical Information

Whilst running please remain aware of your surroundings at all times and take care of yourself and others. If you feel unwell beforehand please do not take part. If you become unwell during the run please tell a marshal. There will be medical cover at the Finish area. Please note any medical details or allergies on the back of your running number.


We recommend that you do not wear headphones. However if you decide to run with headphones please ideally only use in one ear and keep the volume as low as possible and please ensure that you look around you whenever changing your direction on the course or running around someone. With limited hearing your understanding of runners around you is reduced, so please pay attention to prevent any collisions with your fellow participants.

Please remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings and your safety at all times, and listen to any instructions given to you by marshals.  The route follows paths used by dog walkers and horse riders.


There will be special medals for the first 3 boys and first 3 girls who are in Year 6 and under.