Running News

So how’s your training going? Whether you had a dry January, a red January or a dull January no doubt you are grabbing 2018 by the horns and setting yourself new challenges. The UK looks like it has a challenge of its own with rumbles of the ‘Beast from the East’ hitting the UK hard over the coming weeks so now is the time to get your trainers on and put in some miles before the white stuff hits.

Whether you are new to running or have been running for years there are so many running events across the country and we are really pleased to be putting on a 2018 Esher 10k and Fun Run which is our 15th year of putting on the race.

Now we have made a few changes but nothing too drastic. However we have listened to some of the feedback we have received in past years and we want to keep up with the times. So this year with the help of our amazing sponsors HOUSE. we are able to bring Sport Systems chip timing system to the event. This is really exciting for us as this will not only save us a lot of paperwork and head scratching but also give you the runner a more professional and accurate and most importantly timely delivery of your race time!

Good luck with your training and don’t forget to REGISTER your place.


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